Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ketchup Bottles

PLEASE tell me that none of you throw these out when the Ketchup is gone. I have found a few uses that I just LOVE using Ketchup bottles for.

Turkey Baster, cut off the flip up part of the cap to keep it out of the way and you have a no fuss turkey baster. Just squeeze it tight and dip it in the juices of your turkey. It will suck it up quite easily and then you can baste your turkey.

Pancake pen.We have all seen these at walmart. Yeah they look cool, but really....why would I pay seven bucks for something I could get for free? [we have moved on from ketchup bottles because our family is too big, now we use a juice bottle full of pancake batter. We just drilled a hole in the lid]

If your cake icing is the right viscosity then these would be pretty handy.

Kids LOVE using these in water fights.

What would you use a ketchup bottle for? The list is endless.