Monday, January 14, 2013

Homemade White Board

I found myself needing a white board, just a small one. And I noticed something. The ones you get at the store....are crap. So I took it upon myself to make one I would like. And guess what I realized. White board markers write on glass. Then I thought. Wow how great would that be to just take a glass surface and put something white under it. DING! Light Bulb! I have some unused frames (as we all do) in a closet. And I have some scrap printer paper. TADA! All you need: 1 blank piece of paper, one empty picture frame, one white board marker. I had all this in my house already so the total cost of this white board $0.

Put it all together and you have a rather nice looking white board that you can put on your wall. I wouldn't recommend letting the little kids play with it, it IS glass, but it looks SO much nicer than those cheep flimsy ones you get at the store for a buck.

Then I realized something else. These would be great at a baby shower or other party you may be throwing. You can use your old frames and some white paper and then you're not having to get a new sheet of paper out for each game. At the end of the party you can clean the frames and take the paper out and there is NO waste. LOVE IT!

Also I have decided I may have to use this for a chore chart. Just slip the sheet of paper out for a print up of a chore chart and ZING! Instant reusable chore chart!