Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fixing broken mini blinds

In our housing community we HAVE to have mini blind on all the windows, and they CAN'T be broken. If they are broken they want you to replace them immediately. Well guess what... I have 3 YOUNG kids. They like to look out their windows, and they can't pull the strings to open the blinds so what do they do? They BEND them. You can only bend mini blinds so much before they break, thus resulting in an almost constant need to replace mini blinds in the house. 

So instead of buying a new set of blinds every 2 weeks, I kept one set of old broken ones and I just replace the slats when needed. Here, let me show you how. 

These are the broken blinds
There are little plastic buttons on the bottom of the blinds 
Use a flat head screw driver, or butter knife to pop out the one on either end. You can leave the one in the middle. 
Now pull out the string that runs through the middle, and untie the knot. If you can't untie the knot cut it as close as you can to the knot and burn the end so it doesn't unravel.

 Pull the string up through the blinds till you get to the top of the broken ones.
 Now pull the broken slats out the side
 Now just slide the new ones in, feed the string back through each slat down to the plastic bar on the bottom.  Tie a slip knot so the NEXT time you have to do this it will save you some time, and shove all the string back in the hole and snap the button back in. 

NOTE: mini blinds are not universal, make sure you get the same kind so the hols line up. Another option is to take the extra slats off the bottom  of the blinds, since they usually extend several inches below the window. 


  1. Thanks for showing me this trick last time I came over to your place! I've used it 4 times now! lol

    Don't even get me started on the lawn rules they have, haha

    1. I know this is from years ago,but sounds like you live by me lol!! Same rules here they're so anal about stuff although they pick and choose who to constantly be on!

    2. I know this is from years ago,but sounds like you live by me lol!! Same rules here they're so anal about stuff although they pick and choose who to constantly be on!

  2. Thanks for the tip! That should help in prolonging the life of blinds around the house. With the kids and large dogs bouncing around, our blinds and windows tend to get quite a beating. At least these will last longer as a buffer so that our windows don’t get damaged that often.

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  3. thanks for the tip and the pictures. couldn't understand another site for fixing them without the pictures. good deal! another few bucks saved!

  4. Maybe buy a different color blind and then alternate the slats for a more modern look :-)

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  7. Thanks for the idea. Our 1 year old kitten is quite feral and constantly getting into trouble. He has destroyed our brand new leather couches and has now taken a liking to the window blinds breaking and chewing on them. Thank goodness for your solution to fixing the blinds. Hopefully it works

  8. Instead of burning the open end, put some kind of liquid glue on it. This will dry clear instead of brown. I am really looking forward to trying this because my new blind has a broken slat near the top on the right hand side. The landlord did not install it properly so it fell down.

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