Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bat Gril (Batman/Ninja) Hood

Bat Girl needed a cool hood like Batman. I had some scraps left over from her  cape which is awesome cause they will match seamlessly. I CAN make things with out patterns, however it's easier to start with a basic shape, so I searched ninja hood pattern and found this on google image search

I thought it was perfect cause ti was already on a grid, that will make it so much easier for em to scale it up, cause it was scaled down to 25%. Then I had a better FASTER idea. I saved the image to my computer and then opened the picture and zoomed in until it was just an inch or two bigger then her profile. 

Then I just held a piece of paper on top of the screen and traced it on my paper. EASY!

Then I pined it on her head pinning it to fit, not pinning along the edge. 
 Now so I can see my lines when I take it off I drew the "seam" with a marker
 Now when I take it off her, I can lay it flat and make the needed changes.  You can see that I needed a different angle for the back. When It was on her head I also marked the other changes I needed to make. Notice the arrow on the bottom, I needed it about an inch longer
 So I lay it on top of my fabric and I cut the new shape
 Pin on the new pattern
 Mark more changes
And the next pattern I cut out was PERFECT. 3rd times a charm right?
So this is my pattern shape, and I also cut out some triangles for ears
Pin them on

I had to hand sew them on since the opening was so small, but it didn't take long. 
Then after the ears are on just sew up the out side of the hood. I sewed the dart first (the little triangle opening, then I sewed down the back profile of the hood. 
 This is the hood right side out
 I finished it off with black bias tape around the edge to it looked nice and clean (but that's just cause I had some) If I didn't have any I would have either hemmed it or just did a zig-zag around the edge.

Then a small strip of velcro on teh front of the neck to keep it together
 And there is the finished hood. 
 I made a separate mask so she can wear just the hood, or the hood and mask. I will post the mask next. It's SO EASY.

Total cost for Bat Girl hood $0.88 (I had to buy some velcro) :)

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  1. Brilliant!. I was looking for a way to not have to draw all those 1/2" grid lines. Great idea to just enlarge the image on the monitor and trace it off..