Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Easy last minuet costumes

We have been posting a lot of the costumes that we have been working on this year. Although they are SUPER AWESOME, sometimes you need an easy costume, or cheap/free costume, or a costume that you can throw together in 10 mins. We can do that too. In fact growing up, those are the only kind of costumes we ever really did. (Mom doesn't think costumes are as FUN as we do :) )

Almost EVEYONE has what they need to put together a pirate costume. Bandana for your head, you can do a button up shirt, a solid T or a stripped T. If you have an old T that is to big the the intended Pirate that would be best. Then you can cut it up a bit, make it look ragged. The the bottom and the sleeves like this:  VVVVVVVVV. Throw on a vest if you have one, and an adult belt over the shoulder is a nice touch. You can use regular pants or find some old shorts or sweat pants and cut them like the shirt. Tie a scarf or sash around the waist if you have one and BOOM you have a pirate. 

This is one I did when I was 12. Trick or treating was 10 minuets away and I had NO costume. Mom helped me put this together. 
 Baby footie PJ's stuffed with paper (or what ever you have on hand) A baby blanket pined around the back of my neck, and the baby "body" pinned to the blanket. We pinned the hands together and stuck a bottle in there. With one hand I held the baby up so it was sitting on something and not just dangling  and with the other hand I held out the diaper bag for my candy. This one got some GOOD laughs. :)

Any kind of Animal is SO easy. You don't have to buy a costume. I made little ears out of felt. (you can use Construction paper, craft foam or scraps of fabric too)

I cut out the shape and used my hot glue gun (tape, staples, or glue would also work) 
And I glued a little loop to go over a head band. 
 Add spots with colored duct tape, felt, craft foam, fabric, or draw on it the clothes with a sharpie. You can sew, glue, tape or pin the spots on.

 Lighten McQueen
I put this together for my 2 year old last year who LOVED Lightening, but didn't like costumes. I cut out the lightening bolt out of felt and sewed it on a red jacket. He still wears it. :)

Did we get your wheels turning?

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