Monday, April 16, 2012

Intro to My Projects

   I have a never ending project list. Once I finish one, I end up adding 2 new ones. Things that most people will buy I look at and say, "hey, I bet I could make it cheaper and cooler"

   I have big ideas, and they never turn out quite like I imagined, but they usually work, and it seems to impress people. Everyone tells me I could make a lot of money with everything I can make, or they say I should start a business. Thing is, I usually only do a project once, then I'm done with it and I want to move on.

   I have dabbled in wood working, sewing, making patterns, glass etching, photo transfer, and yes even duct tape. And I am still learning new things. I love the challenge of figuring something out.

   My purpose with this blog is to show you in detail how I do my projects so you can do it too. I never pay for anything I don't have to pay for, and sometimes it takes me a while to find the resources I need, and a lot of trial and error. I''m hoping to share what I have learned and pass on the DIY education.


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