Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A few more costume props

Just a few more elements to the Vader costume. They are not necessary, but they REALLY add to it. I found these little black shin guards at the thrift store for $1.98. They were practically NEW. But they did have the red "Wilson" logo on them.

Nothing a little bit of black glossy paint cant fix right? I didn't sand them before painting or anything, just painted it on and when it dried the paint was seamless. You can't even tell it ever had words on it.

Then there is also the long robe/vest thing. I used the left over black fabric from the sheet I made his cape out of.
    I didn't have a pattern so I measured the length from his shoulder to where I wanted it, then I pulled out one of his vests that fits him pretty well. I just turned it inside out so I could clearly see the seams, and I placed it on top of the fabric and just around the back of the vest to get the right size and shape, cutting it slightly bigger for you seam allowance. Then I did the same with the sides. Only I didn't make my sides quite as wide as his vest.
   No hemming or anything fancy. I just did a zig-zag stitch all the way around to keep the edges from fraying.  Now I have a simple vest that I can throw in my costume box. It would be great addition to a pirate costume too...or a ranger. I'm sure there are plenty more applications for a simple long black vest. :)

Vest $0 (30 min project)
Shin guards $1.98 (1 min project)

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