Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bat Girl Gauntlets

     I have been doing a lot of stuff for the Vader costume, and not so much for Bat Girl, cause well Vader has some COOL props.
      I LOVE scrap fabric. I had just a few SMALL scraps of black spandex left over from my swimsuit I made this year, so small that I ALMOST threw them away. Well it turns out it was JUST enough to make some cool Bat Girl gauntlets...or fingerless gloves, or what ever you want to call them.

I wrapped the fabric around her arm where I wanted the gloves to sit, and pinned it in place. (any stretchy fabric will work)

Then cut next to the pins, not super close, the pins will be your seem. And I cut the point that goes down to her middle finger. I did not plan on hemming these, since it's just a Halloween costume for a 5 year old, and it's spandex, it's not going to fray. If you want a hem, make sure to cut the shape big enough to allow for one. 
Back view
Now cut one for the other arm, (don't forget to cut it with right sides together, or wrong sides together. You need it flipped for the other arm)

Then I folded it together and placed it on a piece of paper so I could draw where I wanted the spikes, and get the right size.
 Then draw around it for your seem allowance

 You need 12 little spikes cut out, pin them together (this is the most time consuming part, of you omit the spikes, this is like a 15 min project)

 Then sew around the out side of all 6 spikes
 turn them inside out

 Now pin to the gloves (right sides together, spikes inside the seem)
 Sew up the seem and flip it inside out, ALMOST DONE!
I cut a little strip to make the ring that would go around her middle finger, and I had to hand sew it on cause it was SO tiny. But it only took a min or two.

She LOVES them. Very super hero-y

Total cost for this project $0 (see, I LOVE scraps, those would have been $6-$10)

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