Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arrow Quiver from a Purse

Making a quiver out of an old purse.
First I started with a tube style purse like this. (thrift store $2)

Then I cut off the handles and take a sharpie marker to the pink stitching. (the inside was pink as well, so I turned the purse inside out and used black spray paint so my son wouldn't freak out about having a pink arrow holder)
Then I thieve the shoulder strap off an old duffle bag I got from the thrift store for 99 cents. If you want, find a duffle bag with an adjustable strap and sew that onto your quiver so it'll grow with your kid. **When cutting strapping make sure you melt the raw edges with a lighter so they don't come unraveled**

Attach the strap (so the strap falls off the bottom) first to the purse. Open the main zipper and lay the purse flat while using your sewing machine so you don't sew both sides together. 

What the inside of the newly sewn on strap looks like.

Then sew on the other end of the strap. You want your quiver to be straight up and down on your back so sew the next part of your strap on so the strap goes off the side of the purse. At this point I have cut a hole on the same side of the purse for the arrows to go in.

Now, if you want it to be a little more ridged you add a hard foam to the base and to the. top of the quiver. This is from a foam target. Roll it as tight as you can get it. Then stuff it in the bottom of your quiver. Hot glue will keep it in place but the bottom doesn't really need it.

Picture of the inside of the quiver with foam in it. Now do the same only add it to the top.

(I apologies for the lighting, I took this with a phone camera) The top foam will hold better if you glue it to the edges of the purse. I also found that if you have enough foam making a cinnamon roll shape for the top and then poking the arrows in between the foam will keep them standing upright.

You now have a place for those arrows to sit while you practice your archery.

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  1. floral foam would also work great if you don't have anything on hand. Or card board if you want to go cheap (which is what we are all about :) )