Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reversible Hulk Feet

Incredible Hulk Feet Shoe Covers. Sew Easy!

I made mine with a sleeping bag I found at a thrift store for $4, but you don't have to use a sleeping bag. Just make sure you have green fabric and tan fabric. Or two colors of your choice if you're not doing hulk. I started with a sleeping bag because I had already made pants and a hulk shirt from this same fabric.

Start by cutting out two "feet"shapes slightly bigger than your child's shoes. It's basically a square but the top of the feet are angled up toward the middle so where the big to will be is higher than where the pinky toe will be. Then cut a tear shape up the middle from the back. (note mine doesn't look like a tear shape because I was cutting through 4 layers of fabric at a time. This might have been easier if I would have not kept the seam from the sleeping bag, but I'm lazy and like having pre-made seams. It also helped hold my fabrics together.

Flip your fabric so you outsides are facing each other and your inside is facing out (or as anyone else but apparently me would call it, inside out). Those of you not making this out of a sleeping bag, just make sure you have your batting on the "outside" and your two different "feet" touching. In my case it was Hulk feet, big foot feet, and batting. Then pin your edges together.

Now, you need something to hold the hulk foot on your shoe. I used elastic from an old fitted sheet. (yay up cycling!) If you don't care about it being reversible, you can add it last. But it looks way nicer and you get two costumes for one if you add the elastic now. When it's stretched cut the elastic the same length as your feet are wide. Have your pieces pinned together, and between your two different colored feet, pin in your strip of elastic. (like my Halloween nails? Orange nail polish and after it dried I drew on the faces with permanent marker.)

The elastic will make your fabric pucker in the middle but that's not a problem because we're sewing the edges. Take your sewing machine and sew around the edges starting from the middle on the bottom, all the way around (making sure you get the elastic).

Turn your foot inside out so elastic is on the outside. See how nice the elastic looks! Now you need to hem up the middle of the foot where your "leg hole" will be. Turn your raw edges in and then pin them together. This was the hardest thing for me because the batting was really thick and I couldn't hardly get my presser foot to stay on the fabric. It might look better if you hand sew it...then again, it's probably just going to be under some pants. **Be careful to not sew your elastic into your leg hole hem.** Once you have the middle hemmed you should have kind of an upside down u shape.
Now take the bottom hems of your U shape (the red line) and put them flat together to make a foot hole. Sew together, being careful not to sew any other part of your foot.

Now it's time for the fun part. Stitching the toes. First mark where you want your stitches with straight pins. This way if you get the spacing off you can re mark them without having to take out a stitch. At the "joint" of where you toe and foot connect make a knot.
Then take your needle and thread and go around the outside of the foot and up through the underside back in the same spot where you put your first knot. This is a line that will separate your toes. Make it tight to give your toes a curved look on the front.

Once you finish threading your toes, you now have a completed pair of Hulk feet!

or big foot feet, or if you add some hair they could even be hobbit feet!


  1. These are some of my favorite costume props!

  2. Thank you! Great directions, really useful for Halloween. :)