Monday, October 15, 2012

Glove pattern

So I was going to make some cool gloves for the Darth Vader costume, that extend up the arm and have that little flare thing going on like Vader's gloves. I found this glove pattern on Google Image Search, and all I had to do differently was add the extended portion. 

So I cut them out this morning and then as I was starting to zig zag around the edges so the fabric I got wouldn't fray I remembered something. I HATE sewing TINY details. And to make these for a 3 year old, they are quite I stopped  I'm going to opt for $.97 black knit gloves from Wal Mart. . But I thought I'd share the pattern any way. 

Remember the trick of saving the image to your computer, then zoom in or out till you get the size you want, then trace it off the screen. 

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  1. lol, I like that you even got started and then changed your mind.