Monday, October 15, 2012

Homemade Witches Broom

A witches broom made from sticks in your backyard.

It's fall, that means windy days. Most of you probably have branches in your yard that have blown off your tree. So annoying to have so many branches in your yard. But I found a way to use those branches for halloween decorations. You'll need some sticks from your yard, and some floral wire, and hot glue wouldn't hurt either.

Break your branch into the same size pieces. Make two piles, one for smaller filler sticks, and one for the larger ones. Start with a wider straightish stick. Take some floral wire and wrap it around the end of one of you sticks from pile 2. Then attach to the bottom of your straight stick, and repeat. I must say this is VERY time consuming. But, it's a virtually free decoration. Once you have all your large sticks wrapped around, stick your smaller ones in as fillers. Then take a bendable twig (one that was fresh off the tree, or soaking wet works best) and wrap it around the sweeping part of your broom to give it the finishing touch. Hot glue wiggly pieces down and then set your broom where you will to give your house that spooky touch.

Also works great for a splatted tree witch.

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