Monday, October 15, 2012

Splatted Witch

Hilarious halloween decoration for your front yard. Start with 4 sticks of wood. Make 2 black for the arms, and paint 2 stripped for socks. You're going to need some long screws or nails to keep them sturdy on your tree. Then to keep it an all weather witch, use a black trash bag for the cape, and foam sheets for shoes and hair. Cut your shoes out and hair out. Just make the hair pointy so it sticks out of the bottom of your hat. Screw the shoes to the leg sticks and after your cape is up, nail your hair to the tree and the hat over top. A pair of rubber washing gloves stuffed with walmart sacks finish it off. And for that special touch, don't forget your stick witch broom. After the broom is made it takes a total of 3 minutes to put on your tree. If it's really windy tack down your hat, hair and cape so it covers your witch.

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